(c 1807  -  23rd December 1884)





Great Great Grandmother  of W.P. 'Bill' Richardson


Mary Thirza (or Teresa) was born around 1807, in Northumberland, possibly at Allenheads but I haven't yet found a record to confirm that.

On 25th August 1832 she married Matthew Lee at Hexham in Northumberland. Matthew was a lead miner.

At the time of the 1841 census, the couple were living at CoalPit Houses in Allenheads. They had two children, Sarah who was 6 and Matthew who was 4. Mary's husband was working as a lead miner.

In the last quarter of 1841 Mary and Matthew had another child, Isabella. She was baptised in 1844 (though I am not sure why there was such a long gap between her birth and her baptism) and then sadly died in 1845.

In 1846, Mary had a fourth child, John, who was born at Allenheads

The 1851 census shows that the family had moved from Northumberland to Crook in County Durham and they were living in Peases Cottages.
Mary was 54 and her husband Matthew was 56. He was working as a coal miner.
Her daughter Sarah was no longer in the family home, she had married and was living just along the row. Sarah's daughter Isabella who was 4, was staying with Mary and Matthew and was incorrectly recorded as their daughter. Both of Mary's sons were still at home, Matthew was 23 and John was 15 and they worked in the pit like their Dad.  With three coal miners in the house, Mary would have been busy with housework and cooking and I don't even want to imagine how hard wash day was!

By the time of the 1871 census, Mary and Matthew had moved house again. Still living in Crook but now at High Hope Street. Mary was 64 and her husband , at 66 was still working as a miner. Their son Matthew had married and his daughter Annie, was staying with Granny and Granda. Their other son John was 25,  living with his parents and working at the pit.

On the 7th August 1878, Mary's husband Matthew died.

The 1881 census recorded Mary, living in 'Freeholders Homes' in Crook. This was the home of her grandaughter Isabella and her husband James Featherstone. Mary was 74 and was listed as the mother in law of James, but she was actually his wife's grandmother.

Mary died on the 23rd December 1884, aged 78,  at 25 Quebec Street, Esh, Co. Durham. That was the home of her grandaughter Isabella and her husband James Featherstone - James registered Mary's death.

Mary was buried two days later on December 25th in the cemetery in Crook.