(25th September 1809  -  31st December 1890)





Great Great Grandfather  of W.P. 'Bill' Richardson


Born on the 25th September 1809 at Thrunton Lowfield, which was a farm about two miles from Whittingham in Northumberland, George was the first son of Jacob Turnbull and his wife Eleanor (nee Gracian).

He was baptised two months later on the 25th of November 1809 at the Parish Church in Whittingham.

I haven't (yet) been able to find a record of his marriage, but he married Isabella Green some time around the early 1830s. They were to have eight children.

In the 1841 census George was recorded as aged 30, living in Whittingham and his occupation was given as Miller. His wife Isabella was listed too, along with the first three of their children: Eleanor aged 5, Jane aged 3 and Jacob who was 2. George's father, Jacob, also lived with them he was 70 and his occupation was listed as an agricultural labourer.

In 1843, George and Isabella had another son, Robert, but he died in 1845, aged about a year and a half.

Sadly, this pattern was repeated in 1847. George and Isabella had another baby boy who they also named Robert and he died in January 1848.

By the time of the 1851 census George was 40, working as a Farm Labourer and living with his family at Waterside House in Guyzance. The three older children had been joined by three others, Georgiana, John and Isabella. George's father, Jacob was still living with them, now 81 and still listed as a farm labourer.

George's father, Jacob Turnbull, died in 1855.

In the 1861 census George, who was 51, was recorded as living in Shawdon, in a cottage next door to the farm house. His wife Isabella, son John and a grandson called George were also living in the house. His daughter Jane was married to the farmer, George Bolam, and George Turnbull was his farm steward.

The Howey family lived in another cottage next door and they too were to become in laws when George's daughter Georgiana married Thomas Howey.

The 1871 census recorded George aged 61 still in Shawdon and his occupation was listed as Agricultural Labourer, still on the same farm his son in law farmed. Only one of his children was still in the house, John who was 25 and not married. They also still had their grandson George living with them.

In 1879, George's wife Isabella died. She was 69.

The 1881 census records George , aged 71, living in the farmhouse at Shawdon with his daughter Jane and her husband George Bolam. His occupation was listed as 'Late Farm Steward'

George died on 31st December 1890 at Shawdon Woodhouse. He was 81 years old and his daughter Jane registered her father's death. He was buried at Whittingham St Bartholomew on 3rd January 1891.